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Cut slopes, where excavation of the existing hillside is not an option, require a narrow profile vertical retaining wall. ShoreWall is an adaptation of a post and panel noise barrier, strengthened to resist earth loads. Based upon the StoneWall system and available with a sound absorptive AcoustaCrete surface, ShoreWall is a very versatile system. ShoreWall also includes lagging panels for use in steel post or tie-back applications.

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ShoreWall flyer
Lagging Flyer

ShoreWall Retaining Wall 

ShoreWall Options

As the photos illustrate, there are many options, both architecturally and structurally with ShoreWall. From cantilevered post and panel walls with AcoustaCrete surfaces, to plain panels supported by tie-back steel posts. If there is a need for a vertical wall, and no way to excavate behind the wall for tiebacks or earth reinforcement strips, ShoreWall can be designed to satisfy most requirements. Contact Faddis for details applicable to solve your specific site conditions.

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