Noise barrier

sound absorptive concrete
Stonewall post and panel
AngleWall offset wall
AcoustAL aluminum for bridges & industrial use
AcoustaClear acrylic see through noise barrier

Retaining Wall

Shorewall - Post & Lagging

MSE mechanically stabilized embankment panel

gravity bin wall

Screen Wall and Fencing
Screen Wall Post and Panel
Safety Barrier

Highway safety barrier
per NCHRP 350 & M.A.S.H.
Architectural barrier
Parapet wall mount barrier

Cast Stone
Architectural Elements
for masonry structures
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Perennial Planters - Perimeter Security

Perennial Planters were selected for installation at various military bases around the US and the US Mint Federal building in Philadelphia, after 9/11. Faddis has retained the forms for casting these heavy walled planters for perimeter security applications. The Faddis Security Binder provides details on each planter shape, and an ESTIMATE of the penetration distance through a single or set of planters for a vehicle of given weight and speed. Read carefully!

Perenial Planter Details and Guideline for Rating Security Barriers
per ASTM F-2656-07 Stopping Distance Engineered Estimates

DOD Bollards, Planters, Knee Walls & Barrier

The Department of Defense published a handbook for selection and application of Vehicle Barriers in 1999 and updated that publication in 2009 and 2010. Several of the passive barriers can be precast. Results of crash tests are described in the document. Faddis can provide pricing on the single concrete filled steel bollard, with precast footing, the bollard system, the DOD planter, the DOD knee walls and current standard designs of safety barriers, or architectural safety barriers. The DOD report shows that the planter and knee walls were PHYSICALLY TESTED to have M50 P1 ratings, i.e., equivalent to DOS K 12, with less than one meter penetration after impact of a 15000 pound medium truck travelling at 47 mph.

DOD Passive Precast Barriers

U S Mint 

Security Options

For blast resistant walls, consider a Durahold wall or a mechanically stabilized embankment. Faddis recently cast Durahold elements that were erected at a military ammunitions plant. Faddis also precasts MSE embankment facings for MSE wall designers. Selection of ballistic resistant walls depend upon the definition of the threat. Many of the noise barriers supplied by Faddis are suitable for perimeter security providing visual obscuration, physical barrier to vehicle penetration, and some level of ballistic resistance.